eBay seller of fake Memory Sticks gets caught

eBay seller of fake Memory Sticks gets caught


If you’ve just picked up a shiny new PSP or you happen to be the happy owner of a prized Sony digital camera, you’ll know that buying memory for these wonderful portable electronics can get quite pricey. Sure, you can try to score a deal by looking on Froogle, but it oftentimes doesn’t get much cheaper than on eBay.

We all know that several memory cards sold on the popular auction site are fraudulent, despite coming with what appears to be legitimate packaging. One such bootlegger has now been caught, being slapped with a hefty (but not hefty enough) 2.5 million yen fine. That works out to about US$25,000. Consider, though, that this Kyoto University student sold at least 400 fraudulent sticks, some of which might not even work at all. I feel this fine is little more than a slap on the wrist.

Fake SD, microSD, Compact Flash, Memory Sticks and so on will continue to proliferate on eBay, and there is little we — as discerning consumers — can do but try to be a little more careful. After all, a seller with a high feedback isn’t immune to these practices.