Top Tech of the week – 10.20.2006


    As we do each week, Mobile Magazine has reported on dozens of new and interesting gadgets, vehicles and developments. Some of them were pretty silly, some were pretty cool, and some will be forgotten about by everyone but their makers by next week. Of all the tech we covered this week, here are the five that we have crowned our Top Tech of the Week:

    A crazy British dude named Andy Frost has spent about $190,000 souping up a beat up old 1972 Voxel Vectra. The car originally came with a heartless 4 cylinder piece of crap under the hood, but Frost replaced it with a 9.3L V8 that kicks out a completely ridiculous 2200 horsepower. It can reportedly do 0-60 in just one second (seriously) and it can do the quarter mile in 7.8 seconds. In comparison, the McLaren F1 takes 11.1 seconds.

    There are portable notebooks and then there are these notebooks. They are freaking tiny. LG announced two devices – the A1 and the C1 – and the C1 is the heavier of the two at just 2.8 pounds. Though it’s heavier, the C1 ports a nifty swiveling screen which opens up a whole world of fun possibilities. The machines have WiBro and HSDPA, so you have no excuse for not being connected wherever you are.

    The name definitely needs some work, but the product is very cool. It’s a mobile, battery powered projector that fits in the palm of your hand. It uses an LED light source that is good for 10,000 hours, and it can project images in sizes ranging from 11 to 68 inches. The battery is only good for 2 hours of life, but there is really no good reason for you to show people anything coming out of a projector for longer than that. Not if you like the people, anyway.

    We’d never suggest that you should put anything illegal onto your Nintendo DS, because that would be wrong. If we were going to, though, then you would probably want to use the DS-Xtreme to do it. It’s a complete solution – you just slide the tiny device right into Slot 1 on your DS, and use an included USB cable to send whatever homebrew magic you want from your PC to your DS. It has 512MB of onboard memory.

    This notebook is interesting more for what it could lead to than for what it is. The m100 is a notebook without any internal memory. There is just enough on board to run the operating system. Everything else you want to store needs to be done on external devices or remote servers. It has very interesting applications for people like doctors and spies who can’t afford to have their data stolen. It’s a bit steep at $799 for a Windows XP model, but it could start a trend.