Street legal hot rod does 0-60mph in one second


    Some people may find some intense pleasure in dropping seven figures on a pre-built 1001hp Bugatti Veyron, but not this ol’ chap. Andy Frost decided his money was better spent building a 1972 Voxel Vectra from the ground up, transforming the family car into a 2200hp beast capable of doing the quarter mile in just 7.8 seconds. By comparison, the McLaren F1 takes 11.1 seconds to cover the same amount of ground.

    All of this extra juice — the 9.3L V8 propels this car from zero to 60mph in just one second, yes just one — didn’t come cheap, however, as Frost has “invested” about 100,000 British Pounds into this monster. The best part of it all: it is 100% street legal… though, you probably wouldn’t want to do your daily errands in this thing, as it barely gets five miles to the gallon.