Why I love Apple (and why I hate them too)

Why I love Apple (and why I hate them too)


Why I love Apple

As much as I hate Apple some days, there are other days that I really do love them and what they are doing. They’re not purely a force for good, but some things that they do are really, really good. I hate Apple some days, but on the days I love them, here are five reasons why:

Everything looks good – I’m not a design freak (I wear colors other than black), but I do appreciate when something looks good. Apple always puts a lot of thought into what they want their products to look like and it shows. An Apple product will always be the nicest thing on your desk or your pocket. They’re fun to hold, fun to look at, and fun to use.

Attention to detail – The company does a great job of thinking about how their products will be used and making it easier to use them. It’s the little touches that seem so simple, but that other makers don’t do – the magnetic power cords so that you don’t trash your machine when you inevitably trip on the cord, the incredibly easy iPod menus, and so on. When you use an Apple product, it is obvious that they wanted to make sure you enjoyed using it.

The commercials are kinda funny – I know that the commercials with the two guys are going to get old and annoying eventually, but it hasn’t happened yet. I still find myself chuckling at almost all of them. It helps that a new one comes along so often that we don’t really have time to get bored of the old one. The commercials don’t exactly have high production values or fancy special effects, which means that they are so easy (and cheap) for them to make that we should keep seeing new ones until both of the guys have more than enough cash to enjoy their retirement in style.

They force innovation – Because Apple is so focused on improvement and innovation, and because they have such a huge market share in some areas, they have forced a lot of companies to keep coming up with new and cool items to try to stay alive. The DAP market wouldn’t have evolved as quickly as it has, with features that are standard now that were unknown last year, if Apple weren’t so big. The Zune may or may not be the greatest device ever, but Microsoft is pouring a fortune into the thing, and they wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for Apple.

It gives me something to write about – I have written more articles about Apple than I have written about anything else. There is barely a day that goes by that there isn’t something about the company that I can write about. Apple is the greatest cure for writer’s block ever.

Why I hate Apple

I have a love/hate relationship with that Cupertino-based fruit maker. Some days I drink the kool-aid and am convinced that they are the greatest company ever, others not, here are the five most common reasons why:

They’re so ‘cool’ – There are some things in this world that are truly cool. A ridiculously colorful and impossible sunrise is cool. James Dean was cool. Kissing people you aren’t related to is pretty cool. The thing is that none of those things spend millions of dollars telling you how cool they are. They just do their thing and we know that they’re cool. Apple forces their coolness down our throats. High school ended a long time ago for me, but the one thing I still remember is that the guy who really wasn’t cool was the guy who tried really hard to be cool. They were just sad. I think that Steve Jobs was that guy in high school, and he’s never really moved on from that.

Apple evangelists – Have you ever tried arguing with a three year old? It’s almost impossible to do, but it is much easier than arguing with an obsessed Apple fan. It’s not unreasonable to want to rationally discuss the pros and cons of a product, no matter how good it is. If I suggest a way something could be improved, I’m only making a suggestion, I’m not questioning anyone’s manhood. When someone is obsessed with Apple, their world is made up of two kinds of people: those who agree with them completely and see that Apple is the savior, the way, and the light; and everyone else, who is going straight to hell.

Apple rumors – It is almost impossible to have a day go by without hearing some rumor or another. A leaked photo here, an overheard conversation there, an errant e-mail once in a while – all things that fuel a frenzy. All the while, Apple just sits back and has no comment on anything. A good portion of the rumors are just things that some blogger or PhotoShopper with too much time on their hands have made up, and I can’t blame Apple for that. You just know, though, that a lot of rumors are being started by Apple to keep up the buzz. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy, and I hate it.

New versions – If McDonalds held a press conference to announce that they had slightly changed the font on their burger wrappers, they’d be crucified in the media. When Apple does essentially the same thing, it is a major international event. They take their products, give it a new color, a couple of different curves and a new feature or two, and then they call it a new generation (even saying it’s “completely remastered“) and expect everyone to rush out and buy it, even though they already own essentially the same device. I hate that Apple does that, and I hate it even more that it works.

Saturation – The iPod is the worst offender, but Apple products and messages are absolutely everywhere. Their commercials are ever-present, every second person has an iPod in their hand, you can’t watch a TV show without seeing an Apple logo or nine, and every magazine has their print ads in it. I’d have much kinder thoughts about Apple if I didn’t feel like they were stalking me. Just one Apple-free day would be a joy, but it’s probably an impossible dream.