Musical gadgets that make ya go hmm


    In a few years, kids won’t believe you when you tell them that there was a time that everyone didn’t have MP3 players. Those devices have gone from a rare novelty gadget, to a ubiquitous presence in such a very short time. You wouldn’t have to work very hard to convince a lot of people that the devices are now essential to daily life. As good an idea as those players are, they have spurred a whole industry of new musical gadgets and devices. Some of those are also good ideas, but here are five that really make me wonder.

    If you’re in the kitchen slaving away to make dinner it would be nice to be able to listen to some music at the same time. With the stream bowl you can. The bowl can stream music from any wireless media station in your home to your bowl, so you can access all the music on your PC while you are mixing your cake. It would work, I guess, but I have another, likely less expensive, way of getting tunes into the kitchen. It’s called a radio.

    Have you ever had a guy at work or at school who constantly drums on his desk and makes you want to go insane and beat him to a bloody pulp? Now imagine if he had a Finger Drum. It’s a mouse pad with a sensor that lets your fingers beat on a full drum kit – a snare, high hat, three tom toms, a bass drum and two cymbals. You can even record your playing for later playback, so you can play a duet with yourself. If anyone near me got one of these things, my bet is it would be about a week before it was shoved down their throat.

    This umbrella plays Singin’ in the Rain on a continuous loop every time it is opened. Perfect, because the rain itself doesn’t do enough to make you hate life.

    Hasbro wants to make sure that your kid can get hooked on the iPod as soon as they can. The iDog is a furry, iPod enabled friend for your kids. Just by petting the toy your kids can make their own music. That motion triggers some stored sounds, and if you are feeling really sadistic you can even add your own sounds.

    There are so many things I could say about this, but several of them would probably get me fired. This condom has a miniature speaker and a motion sensor in the cuff. The faster the condom moves, the louder the sound. The inventor says that his creation will make sex more pleasurable, but if this is what you need to fire up your love life then you are almost certainly doing something wrong.