Monster accessories heading to a Zune near you


    The accessory game is incredibly lucrative, and if any company knows how to market itself as a high-end accessory maker, it’s Monster. The Zune might be the next big thing, so naturally Zune is jumping all over this opportunity with a full line of add-ons for Microsoft’s WiFi-capable media player. As with anything else bearing the Monster name, these six items are priced a little (a lot?) higher than comparable products from other manufacturers (including official Microsoft products). They are as thus:

    1. Carplay Wireless Plus ($80): A beefed-up FM transmitter
    2. TVLink ($30): 10-foot AV cable
    3. MusicShare ($20): Headphone splitters (Can’t you get these at the dollar store?)
    4. StereoLink Car ($20): Connects Zune to Mini Jack
    5. StereoLink Home ($20): Like above?
    6. SlimCharger ($30): Skinny AC adapter