Top five concept phones

Top five concept phones


I’m basically numb to new mobile phones these days. Every day we see new phones, but yet another flip phone, clamshell, or slider doesn’t do too much to get me excited, regardless of the features it boasts or the number of megapixels in the camera. To get me really excited, a phone, or even a concept, has to do something really different and interesting and unique. Here are five phones that have got my pulse racing a bit:

This concept phone isn’t the first to come up with this idea, and it will probably be a while until one actually gets made, but it is such a sleek and cool idea. There are no buttons on the Black Box. It is just made up of one big touchscreen that can display buttons when you need them and can use that real estate for a better use when you don’t. It means that you get a really big screen on your phone without needing to carry a really big phone.

It’s a little bit funky and it’s a little bit clunky, but the idea of putting a phone on your wrist seems almost inevitable, and this concept does as good a job as any we have seen. Sure, some wrist concepts have been smaller or sleeker, but none have been as futuristic looking. The design goes beyond just a phone, too – you can pay your bus fare or surf the net as well.

Did you ever have one of those paper fans that had a picture painted on it when you opened it? The designers at Nokia obviously did. When it’s closed, the phone looks like some kind of dart or something, but it pops open to reveal a pleasingly large display. This is one of the many phones that uses the elusive perfect flexible e-paper. When that truly comes along in an effective form then the world will truly be a cooler place.

Another concept which uses e-paper. When folded up the oval shaped phone is about the size of a small PDA. When you break apart the 7.8 mm thick phone, though, you can roll out a 4.8 inch screen. I especially like it because you don’t have to deal with the screen when you don’t need it, but you get an extra large screen when you do want it. A movie would look much better on that than it would on any phone out there today.

This one is almost three years old, and it is completely ridiculous, but it is so much fun that I can’t leave it out. The FingerWhisper uses bone conduction to turn your hand into a receiver. You just have to stick your finger into your ear and the phone, which you wear around your wrist, sends the vibrations to your ear. It saves you from having to carry around any kind of earpiece. Unfortunately, it doesn’t save you from looking like an idiot.