Study: crank the headphone volume at your own risk

Study: crank the headphone volume at your own risk


From the Department of I Could Have Told You That comes this statistic: Listen to loud music through DAP headphones for more than 90 minutes a day, and you’ll damage your hearing for good.

Where have we heard this before, and why didn’t we get paid to do this study?

A study of 100 doctoral students found that people who listened to music at 80 percent of full volume should have 90 minutes as their headphones-listening threshold; after that, the risk of hearing damage is great. Listen at 100 percent of volume for just 5 minutes and you’ll damage your ear cells.

This is certainly not to say that anything under 80 percent can gain you hours or minutes. That’s not the case, as the study found that prolonged listening to music through headphones at any level will eventually lead to hearing loss.

The study found that no genre of music was any more damaging than any other, debunking the common theory that heavier music brings on heavier hearing loss. The study’s authors also said that such hearing loss can take up to a decade to manifest itself.