HP Presto prints email automatically

HP Presto prints email automatically


So much for the paperless society.

From Hewlett-Packard, one of the leaders in the computer revolution, comes the Printing Mailbox for Presto, a printer that spits out email automatically. No more having to find the tiny Print button on the screen: the Presto does it for you. You’ll know when you have new mail because you’ll see a new page come out of the printer.

HP is marketing this product as something to be given to folks who haven’t joined the technology revolution yet. Those folks will still have to rely on someone to help them out, however, because the default setting is Print All Mail, giving you all kinds of unpleasant spam printed out for all to see.

See, you dial in to your Presto account and create filters and OK addresses and things like that. Someone who doesn’t have (and/or trust) a computer background will have to depend on someone else to create those settings. And that’s definitely not a one-time deal.

Still, the Printing Mailbox for Presto is a handy thing to have if you’re one of those people who likes to print your emails, with photos or without. The printer can also create personalized monthly calendars, which sounds like the more appealing option anyway.

This printer will be available on November 1, with a price tag of US$150. You’ll also need an HP Presto account, which is US$10 a month.