Audi TT Roadster: roof optional

Audi TT Roadster: roof optional


It didn’t take Audi long at all. The venerable automaker has taken the wraps off the new TT… and taken the top off it as well.

It’s the TT Roadster convertible, with a cloth top and an optional dual-clutch S-tronic gearbox system. That idea of choice extends to the engine as well, with drivers able to take either a 3.2-litre V6 power unit or a 2.0 TSFI model with direct injection. Both models also come with an option for suspension dampening, for an even smoother ride.

The TT Roadster is a bit larger than its predecessor, but the company insists that the extra drag isn’t that significant. And that remove-it-yourself cloth top comes in black or dark grey.

Look for this new Audi next spring, with a price tag reading upwards of US$42,300.