Top five ugliest concept cars

Top five ugliest concept cars


I understand that not all cars can be beautiful, and I get that concept cars have to look different to test new concepts and get the public’s attention, but we see some concept cars that are just plain butt-ugly. I’m all for increased fuel-efficiency, environmentally responsible vehicles and the latest in vehicle technology, but I’m not going to ever drive something that is so ugly that people will point and laugh as I drive by. Here, then, are five concept cars that I won’t be driving:

As a general rule, I am turned off by anything that feels it needs an exclamation point in its name to make its point. That’s not what turns me off of this Brazilian made dual fuel ethanol/gasoline vehicle, though. It’s the freaking color scheme of this very tiny vehicle. It looks like something that Shrek would drive. And the shape of the door does nothing to help, either. I don’t need straight lines everywhere, but the soybean shape needs to go back to the drawing board.

What in the world were the designers of this thing thinking? Not only is it a $25,000 car with a range of just 30 miles on a charge, but it looks like… well, I can’t even think of what it looks like. The canary yellow doesn’t do the car any favors, but there isn’t a color in the world you could paint this thing to make it look anything other than completely ridiculous.

The fact that this car is covered with solar panels which provide all of the power needed to hit the top speed of 120 km/h is more than a little bit cool, but I’d like it even more if it didn’t look like I was driving my dining room table. Big and square and flat went out of style in vehicles in about 1983 and I’m not sure we need to be in any hurry to bring it back.

BMW must have been afraid that they wouldn’t get the credit they felt that they deserve, so they made sure we knew how clever they are right in the name. Unlike earlier cars in this list, this one actually looks like fun to drive. At an amusement park, or the beach or a go-kart track, I mean. It’s essentially a three-wheeled motorcycle with a body. It even leans around corners.

This hydrogen-powered concept vehicle is the closest thing to a normal sedan on the list, and from the side it doesn’t look too bad at all. It’s when the Hy-Wire starts driving towards you that it goes from not bad to ouch. I don’t know the specific link between hydrogen power and windshield size, but there must be one, because GM has packed the biggest windshield I have ever seen onto this car. There are skyscrapers which have less glass than this thing does.