Top five solar powered devices

Top five solar powered devices


One thing you can be pretty sure of each day is that the sun is going to come up. If it doesn’t, then we really have some real problems. Since the sun is going to be there, and — if it’s not really cloudy — the rays are going to hit the earth, we might as well use the power of that burning orb to give us more gadget-y goodness. Here, then, are five of the best uses of solar power we have seen:

Sure, not everyone reading this is going to carry a purse (and many of you probably shouldn’t). Still, if you are going to carry one, you might as well make it work for you. The Power Purse stylishly incorporates solar panels on the exterior of the bag. Inside, there is a storage battery and a USB charging cable, so you can use the purse to not only carry your devices, but to juice them up as you go. Fashionable and functional.

USB thumb drives are as common as, well, thumbs these days. The Solar Disk thumb drive is a little different, because it doesn’t need any battery power: it has its own solar panel. The LCD display lets you know how much power you have left, so you can find some sun before it’s too late. It comes in sizes from 128MB to 2GB.

There is nothing more annoying than playing golf with some moron who insists on talking on their phone during the round. If you are one of those morons, though, you might as well save your batteries. The Soldius golf bag has a solar panel on it so you can charge your devices as you play. That means your batteries are as fresh on the 18th tee as they are on the first. It won’t help your handicap, but at least you’ll be able to tell everyone you know how badly you played.

An MP3 player with a 4GB hard drive, FM tuner and color display is nice, but not overwhelming… unless you slap a solar panel on it, of course. The player has a panel on the back, so you can stick it on the dash of your car while you are driving and your battery will get juiced up. You could listen to this player forever without ever having to plug it in.

This car only has a 22 hp electric motor, so you aren’t going to beat anyone in a drag race, but your gas bill is going to be a heck of a lot smaller than the meathead in the Corvette who will win those races. The entire roof of the odd looking car is covered by a 2.5 square meter solar panel which charges the vehicle. It can travel 50 km at 50 mph on a full charge.