SKYFI3: portable satellite radio with new twists


    Satellite radio just keeps getting better and better, and the receivers keep getting smaller and smaller.

    The latest portable XM receiver from Delphi, the SKYFi3, is the smallest to date, but offers the largest array of functionality. To me, the most impressive feature is the 30-minute Pause-Replay: it is always saving the last 30 minutes of whatever you’re listening to. Even if you change the channel, you can go back and track through that last half hour without fail.

    The SKYFi3 is also eminently portable, sporting an 8-hour rechargeable battery that allows the svelte device to become a portable MP3 player and XM radio receiver. You can even share playlists between XM and MP3s.

    The memory is an impressive 10 hours, and the display is quite large (9 full lines) despite the smallness of the device. You can even get stock quotes and sports scores on tickers.

    Get your hands on the SKYFi3 at the first of December, for just US$229.