PBJ downs the ante with SmartCaddie EX UMPC


    UMPCs haven’t caught on quite as well as the original developers had hoped, but electronics makers are intent on pushing the format into the mainstream. A company known as PBJ — no, they don’t make sandwiches like how ma used to — announced the SmartCaddie UMPC way back in March, and now they’re giving the machine a makeover. The newly christened SmartCaddie EX comes powered by a 900MHz Intel Celeron M processor, instead of the 1.0GHz Via C7-M ULV we saw in the Japanese model. That’s not the only downgrade: the 40GB hard drive has transformed into a 30 gigger, but you still get 512MB RAM and a pretty abysmal 2.5 hours of battery life. The one thing that has gone up is the price, which is now US$1,167.