Old school on-the-go: a definitely retro notebook

Old school on-the-go: a definitely retro notebook


Looks like something out of science fiction, doesn’t it? A very old-school typewriter and primitive joystick are plopped in the middle of what looks to be a very old-school viewscreen as well.

Look more closely at this Notebook of Yesterday and you’ll see that the surface is actually wood, just like the typewriters of lore. In keeping with that idea, the manufacturers have configured the Enter/Return key so it rings a bell when pressed.

And check out the speaker, which looks like something that would fit snugly on your ear if you could lift it up there. (Actually, you probably can, but we wouldn’t recommend it.)

And the perfect capper for a retro communication device? Why, Morse Code, of course. The trackball can help you with that.