Mercedes-Benz makes first BLUETEC vehicle

Mercedes-Benz makes first BLUETEC vehicle


Looks like Mercedes-Benz is serious about this BLUETEC stuff.

The venerable German automaker is now offering three vehicles — a sedan, an SUV, and a minivan — that are planned to utilize the emission-reducing technology. The E320 sedan is the only one that has direct-tech specs; the other two vehicles are in transition to BLUETEC mode and will be there by 2008, the automaker says.

BLUETEC, you’ll remember, is an energy-efficient, fuel-saving process that eliminates most harmful emissions from automotive fuel. Specially designed for California’s super-strict emissions requirements, BLUETEC plays nice with other states’ and countries’ restrictions as well.

Most of the news is about the E320 BLUETEC sedan, which Mercedes-Benz says can get up to 700 miles before needing to refuel. It is a full luxury sedan, though, and the asking price is a not insignificant US$52,325.