Dodge Charger next to chase you down


    For the longest time, in countless cities across North America, if you came across a police squad car, there was a good chance that it’d be a Ford Crown Victoria (or its cousin, the Mercury Grand Marquis). That appears to be changing. All of the Big Three are making big bids to cash in on the lucrative cop car market, so Ford is going to have to step it up if they want to continue selling fleets and fleets of Crown Vics.

    Most notably, Dodge is marketing the rear-wheel-drive Charger/Magnum as a potential police car, competing directly against the RWD Crown Victoria. The profit margin is astounding: a garden-variety 2.7L Charger retails for just a touch over $20k, whereas a beefed up 3.5L cruiser sells for $26,825.