Chinese carmaker clones Smart ForTwo, makes it full electric


    If all those cell phone and MP3 player knockoffs are any indication, clones are never quite as good as the original. Shandong Huoyun, a division of Qilu Petrochemical Corporation, has developed a vehicle that looks a little too much like the tumbling Smart ForTwo, but there is one distinct difference: it’s fully electric. In fact, the Chinese manufacturer didn’t even make an attempt at being creative with this car’s name, dubbing it the Electromobile.

    If you thought the ForTwo was gutless, you will really want to avoid this golf cart, as it tops out at a mere 31mph, running for 75 miles before needing a recharge. It might be for the best that it can’t go any faster: you’d hate to get into an accident in this thing (it doesn’t have the Smart’s passenger safety cell). It should be reasonably cheap, both in quality and price, though we have no confirmation on either front.