Top Tech of the week – 10.13.2006

Top Tech of the week – 10.13.2006


Every day we see dozens of new products, services or concepts. Some of them are truly impressive and will make a big impact on the world of gadget lovers, while many more are forgettable, or even ridiculous. Each week we are going to pick the five items that are the most exciting, the most interesting, and have the best chance of changing your world. Here is the Top Tech for the week ending 10.13.2006.

There is no static display or keypad on this phone. Almost the entire front of the phone is a touchscreen display. That means that you can have a dynamic display that could change to meet your particular needs, and could theoretically even be personalized to suit your fancy. What is a keypad one second could be the controls for your MP3 player or a video screen the next second. Read more

This long rumored device is finally official. It takes the joy of the Treo, simplifies it, and gives it an entry-level feature set and price tag. That means that more people will be able to access, and get hooked on, the joys of mobile e-mail. It also gets rid of the ugly antenna that is on most Treos. That’s certainly a good thing. Read more

TransSend uses Bluetooth to make it easier for PDA and smartphone users to transfer Web data from a PC to a device. A new version has been released, and it will make it even easier to transfer maps, pictures or whatever else will make you happy to your phone quickly and with just a click. Read more

Mitsubishi is preparing to release a fully electric car in both Japan and the U.S., hopefully giving a kick start to the wide scale commercial development of all-electric vehicles which has stalled so badly. It could be a while before we see it, but the prospect of a lithium-ion powered vehicle with zero emissions is pretty exciting. Read more

Belkin puts out a ton of iPod accessories, and they have another winner with the SportCommand. It’s a wireless controller you wear on an armband. It is designed for cold weather use, with buttons big enough that you can use them without taking off your gloves and freezing your hands. Snowboarding is way more fun with the right tunes, and this way you can control them and avoid frostbite at the same time. Read more