Trust Mobile Phone Sound Station does DAPs too

Trust Mobile Phone Sound Station does DAPs too


With the preponderance of musical mobile phones these days, it’s a bit surprising that more companies haven’t gone in this direction. From Trust comes the SP-2985, the aptly named Mobile Phone Sound Station.

Just plop that cell phone down in the dock and wait for your tunes to come blasting out of the Sound Station’s speakers. You can also use this as a speakerphone.

But wait, it works with your MP3 player too. In this regard, it’s like a host of other music player sound systems, including the dock’s charging capability (which also applies to your mobile phone). You can also transfer files back and forth between the sound station and your mobile devices.

One thing to note: This product doesn’t work with all phones. They announced compatibility with a handful of Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson models. Check the specs to be sure before you buy.