Pantech invades Mexico with army of phones

Pantech invades Mexico with army of phones


Be not threatened, dear Mexicans, these Korean invaders mean you no harm. Instead, Pantech is here bearing gifts in the form of five sexy new cell phones. Telcel is the route that they are taking, exclusively offering these handsets to the mobile operator (at least in Mexico). This only makes sense, considering that Telcel is the largest cell service provider in Latin America. Joining the brigade are the PG-6200, PG-1310V, PG-1610, PG-3810, and PG-1810.

Honored at the iF Design Awards for excellence and innovation in the design of cellular phones, the PG-6200 slider comes loaded with a 2 megapixel camera, integrated MP3 player, and a fingerprint reader.

Pantech is projecting sales of 1.3 million units in Mexico this year. With this renewed firepower of fresh clamshells and sliders, they should be in good position to accomplish that goal.