Kingston waterproofs its USB Flash drives

Kingston waterproofs its USB Flash drives


Spill a little water on a flash drive and it’s toast. Kingston has addressed that concern with the DataTraveler Secure, a series of waterproof thumb drives that are USB 2.0 compliant.

The titanium-coated, stainless steel casing is the star of the show here. That housing has been waterproofed and can withstand the encroachment of liquids to a depth of four feet. In other words, you can drop this one in the sink, but don’t expect it to survive a dip in a lake.

The DataTraveler Secure also comes with Windows-only security software, allowing password-controlled encryption and access.

These waterproof flash drives come in a range of storage capacities.: the lowest is 512MB, with a price of US$44, and the highest is 4GB, with a price of US$272.