Frucall service does the shopping for you


    Ever wish someone could do your holiday shopping for you? Frucall can do that, sort of.

    The California-based company offers a free phone-based service that you can put to work for you, finding the best online price for any product at all. All you do is call in, specify what you’re looking for, and they do the rest. You don’t need a special phone or anything like that.

    Frucall also offers a bookmarks feature, so you can save search results for later perusal. You can also leave reminder messages, either as voice or text. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the Alert function, whereby you can set a price for a product and then be notified when that price is reached.

    One thing to note: You’ll need the barcode of the product you’ll looking at. That’s all the heavy lifting you have to do. Just dial toll free: 1-888-DO-FRUCALL and give it a shot.