DoCoMo to unveil P903i self-locking phone

DoCoMo to unveil P903i self-locking phone


We applaud efforts to increase security surrounding mobile phones, but this one might be a bit much.

NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s number one mobile operator, will soon be selling a phone that automatically locks itself down when its owner moves beyond a certain distance. Panasonic will make this one, and it will be called the P903i. The handset will also come with an electronic card that corresponds to the phone’s unique frequency.

Seems that the phone is incessantly emitting a signal that the card is reading, ensuring that both phone and card are close enough together to be both in the owner’s presence. We would assume that the owner will know the code needed to unlock the phone.

However, having to keep track of the card that corresponds to that mobile phone might prove troubling. DoCoMo says that the card is small enough to fit in a wallet or purse. But what happens when you rush off with either the phone or the card but not both? We hope that you’ll be carrying a card that has your PIN on it.

We’re all for helping prevent mobile phone theft. This method, however, might be a step too far.