Smart systems improve driver safety


    Smart cars aren’t just a brand; they’re a description as well.

    Cars that make their drivers smarter are part of the focus at the Transport Systems World Congress, which is going on this week in London. All manner of intelligent designs are on display, from prototypes to working models.

    One system can sound an audible alarm when a driver turns his head from the road ahead. An infrared camera just behind the steering wheel has nothing to do but keep its eye on the driver’s eyes.

    Similar to this is the system that tracks the height of your eyes and vibrates your seat if you start to nod off behind the wheel.

    Another innovation being shown around is a laser scanner that measure how far it is to the vehicle in front and endeavors to keep your car a safe distance away, even stopping and starting if gridlock ensues. This system is also capable of activating the car’s airbags if it determines that your car is about to hit the one in front of it.