Ferrari 4WD? Say it ain’t so!

Ferrari 4WD? Say it ain’t so!


We have no reason to doubt this, but we are a bit skeptical as to the motive.

Italiaspeed, an (what else?) Italian automobile magazine, is reporting that certain models of Ferrari can be equipped with all-wheel drive. The technology is being termed “insertable 4×4” and can be fitted on front-engine and mid-engine cars. The 4WD comes into play only if the car loses traction and only after a secondary clutch that is attached to the crankshaft engages.

In other words, you can’t just go cruising in 4WD mode. The magazine article says the all-wheel drive can be activated for just a short time at high speeds; otherwise, the whole thing tends to heat up and blow smoke–two things you definitely don’t want your Ferrari doing.