Samsung’s 10-megapixel camera phone now available

Samsung’s 10-megapixel camera phone now available


We saw this back at CeBIT, and here it is ready to be shipped. Samsung is all fired up about its 10-megapixel multimedia camera phone. The SCH-B600 has a lot of functionality and a price tag to match.

First and foremost is that gaudy number 10. The pictures this camera takes are very high resolution. The camera-function buttons are on the side of the phone, or the top of the camera when you turn the device sideways to look through the viewfinder. The autofocus lens, which expands just like a digital camera’s, has 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. The screen itself has 16 million colors, and the shutter speed is 1/2000.

Next is the mobile TV capability, which isn’t at all shabby. You get DMB Satellite reception and TV-out as well. Video recording and messaging are also available.

And, oh yes, it’s a phone. You can take and make calls, as you normally would. The Bluetooth headset doubles as a remote control.

Music functionality is here as well, accommodating MP3s, AACs, and AAC+s. Memory is expandable, via MMCmicro.

At last we come to the price: US$937. When we see it in the States is anybody’s guess. Today’s launch was a Korea-only affair.