RCA Lyra X3030 provides 30GB of PMP goodness


    RCA Thomson is expanding their Lyra line again, this time with the X3030, an apparent upgrade to the previously announced X3000. This pocket-sized personal media player boasts a full 30 gigs of on-board storage, giving you enough space to store “dozens of movies, hundreds of hours of music, and thousands of photos, all in the palm of your hand.”

    It’ll play a variety of content on its 3.6-inch color LCD (320 x 240 resolution), including PlaysForSure and DivX. The included home theater docking base allows for quick recording from external sources (TV, DVD, CD player, etc), while the sliding cover case protects the display from scratches. Battery life is rated at four hours of video on a single charge. The suggested retail price has been set at $399, right in line with offerings from Cowon, Archos, and so on.