iFusion turns PMP into 3D player

iFusion turns PMP into 3D player


Neovision is a company that produces a portable media player. Apparently, they also make a product that will convert portable TV to 3D.

They’re calling it iFusion. It’s a screen that you place over your iUbi (that PMP that Neovision makes) in order to make the images seem 3D-like. You don’t need any special glasses or tools.

Neovision isn’t revealing its secrets, which might be a bit disconcerting. However, the result can be quite striking. Just check out the photo (that can’t possibly be a computer-rendered mockup, now could it?).

The company is working on versions of iFusion for Zune, the Archos 604, and for Creative Zen Vision W. The one word that’s absent from the company’s marketing materials is Apple. Apparently, no iPod version is planned.

iFusion is coming next spring.