Chevy HHR goes commercial, adds Panel variant to lineup


    This is a crossover of a whole different kind. The Chevy HHR has been met with some relative success in the marketplace for its versatility and unique (let’s not discuss similarities to the PT Cruiser) appearance. General Motors wants to keep a good thing going, hitting up the more commercial-oriented side of things with the 2007 Chevrolet HHR Panel. It still has the same overall shape and such of a regular HHR, but the rear is entirely windowsless, including the back cargo doors. In this way, it can function as a panel van without being all big, blocky, and ugly like one. The flat load floor will give you 57 cubic feet of cargo space, with an extra 6 cubic feet found in the under-floor storage compartment. They say that the HHR Panel is “great for delivery companies and other small businesses.” Production is scheduled for Q1 2007.