Wireless communicator has no batteries, just bamboo

Wireless communicator has no batteries, just bamboo


Battery makers might be green with envy over this one.

The AimuletLA is an audio communication device made of bamboo and powered by light energy. It’s the creation of the Information Technology Research Institute, an organization situated at the Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan.

So check out the picture. See that little hole? You hold that up to your ear to hear the sounds being broadcasted. As long as you’re standing in a certain spot, over floor-embedded LEDs, you can pick up sounds transmitted to the tiny solar cells in the slab of bamboo you’re holding.

That’s all. No heavy-duty wiring, no heavy-duty radiation, no batteries to explode or go dead. All you need is a ready supply of bamboo. (Oh, yes, and you’ll have to have installed those LEDs in the floor.)

AIST officials envision using such bamboo “speakers” at outdoor exhibits, amusement parks, and even train stations. The “speakers” could even double as admission tickets or ID cards.