PS3 processor to migrate to mobiles

PS3 processor to migrate to mobiles


The news just keeps coming from Toshiba these days.

The Japanese tech giant now is saying that it, in partnership with IBM and Sony, is pursuing a Cell processor that can be used for mobile phones. An initial version of the chip was on display at CEATEC, whereas the finished product is expected to be 65-nanometer technology, an improvement on the 90nm production of today.

The Cell processor is expected to have one big-dog processor and eight little-dog sub-processors, which together would deliver 200 gigaflops (FLOating Point operations per second) of power. That’s a lot of processing for a mobile phone. Obviously, Toshiba is looking ahead for mobile TV and mobile gaming of the high-resolution variety. The partnership between the three electronics household names, in and of itself, is also intriguing.

Availability isn’t certain, of course, but Toshiba hopes to be able to deliver this technology by 2008.

And if those words “Cell processor” ring a bell, it’s because they’re the brains behind the PS3.