More laptop battery woes: Fujitsu joins the party

More laptop battery woes: Fujitsu joins the party


Move over a bit, we got another player. Fujitsu is joining one of the most popular notebook computer clubs out there — those with fiery battery recalls. This should really come as little surprise, because Fujitsu — like Apple, Dell, Toshiba, and others — deploys Sony-made power givers in their laptops. Not all units are affected, of course, but they are recalling 287,000 batteries, not a small figure by any stretch of the imagination. And to think that this whole fiasco could have been prevented. Sigh.

The affected models are as follows:

Sold in Japan: FMV-BIBLO LOOX P70R, P70S, T50M, T50R, T50RN, T50S, T50SN, T70M, T70M/T, T70MN, T70R, T70R/T, T70RN, T70S, T70S/V, T70SN, FMV-P8210.

Sold outside Japan: LIFEBOOK P1510, P1510D, P7120, P7120D, S7020, S7020D, S7025, S7025D, C1320, C1320D