Auto GPS chip helps lower insurance rates


    A way to trim auto insurance rates? Sign me up.

    This is actually an innovative method, in my opinion. You fork over a small amount of cash to get a GPS chip installed in your vehicle, and then it tracks how many miles you drive a month. That total (and your age) determines how much you pay each month for auto insurance. No more of this paying based national averages for drivers in your demographic.

    If you’re like me and don’t drive a whole lot in a month, you’ll definitely pay less than you normally would. If you drive a whole lot more than the national average, well, then, you’ll probably pay more than you normally would. But you might also think about that next time you have a choice of transportation. Just going to the corner market? Maybe walk or take the bike instead? Going downtown? How close are you to a bus stop? That’s probably the hidden message: to help cut down on auto traffic altogether.

    The other thing that the GPS chip is does is track which roads you take when you drive places. That can be good for city planners and highway experts, to see which roads are traveled most often (as if they can’t already tell by how often they have to do road work).