Solar-diesel VW camper concept


    OK, if my wife finds about this, we’ll be buying one.

    A design firm out of Montreal has designed a solar-diesel hybrid that resembles the venerable Volkswagen Westfalia camper. It’s not being mass-produced by any means… yet. Right now, the company has a few CGIs and a video. But that could be the first step in a new-age microbus, this one with rooftop solar cells

    The production info include onboard GPS, a folding staircase built into the passenger sliding door, a swivel cooking range, and (wouldn’t you know it?) a multimedia computer equipped with Wi-Fi capability.

    For the record, the design firm is Verdier Light Caravaning. They’ve already won a special prize at a major show in Germany. And they’ve already set a target pricetag: US$69,000. Can funding be far behind? (My wife hopes so.)