D-Link V-Click for both your GSM and VoIP needs


    D-Link has produced several VoIP phones in the past, but with the V-Click, you can seamlessly hop on over to tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) to make your regular cell calls as well. Too bad it’s lacking in that wonderful 850MHz band. There’s no announced compatibility with Skype, but we do know that the V-Click will work just fine with SIP VoIP providers. Battery life isn’t the best (5 hours in GSM, 2 hours in WiFi), so make sure you’ve got your charger handy.

    But wait. Haven’t we seen this before? The D-Link V-Click bears a striking resemblance to the France’s Neuf Twin and Taiwan’s GW1. Could it be a rebadge? Whatever the case, this D-Link wonder will sell for a less than cheap $600 when it hits shelves in Q1 2007.