GM, Ford losing big on every car they make

GM, Ford losing big on every car they make


The Big Three are having a big hurt.

A new study by a well-known group of automotive industry analysts has found that two of the three major American automakers are losing money on every car they make. If, like me, you’re not that surprised by that fact, you might be surprised by exactly how much money is being lost.

The Harbour Felax Group found that General Motors has an average loss of US$1,271 per vehicle. Ford’s losses were less stunning at US$451 a car. DaimlerChrysler, on the other hand, is making money, but just US$144 a vehicle.

By contrast, Japanese automakers are as profitable as ever with Nissan raking in US$2,135 a car. Toyota and Honda have numbers of US$1,717 and US$1,259, respectively.