What time is it? Who cares, I’ve got the Anlong MP4 wristwatch


    I live in a town with a fairly significant Chinese population, and as such, getting your hands on strange China-made electronics isn’t all that difficult. For example, I’ve seen iPod nano look-alikes that sport video playback capabilities. I have yet to see anything quite like this, however. The Anlong MP4 wristwatch from Shenzhen Adragon Digitek is no ordinary timekeeper, as it rocks a full color display for all your movie watching needs… that is, if you want to squint real hard and watch videos on such a tiny display. There’s no word on capacity or pricing, but we do hear that this watch boast a full nine hours of video watching on a single charge, and it will survive a drowning (water and shockproof). Connection is via USB 2.0.