Astrolab runs on solar, electric power


    Here’s a hybrid of a different flavor. It’s the Astrolab from France’s Venturi, and it gets its power from electricity and the Sun.

    The engine needs only 16 kW to run, and it can recharge while it’s moving. The surface contains 3.6 square meters of photovoltaic cells and needs only a little sunlight to get going.

    You’ve undoubtedly noticed the complete lack of a roof. No convertible, this. You’re totally exposed to the elements, for greater soaking up of the solar rays. You’ll surely feel the wind whipping through your hair as you reach the 120 kmh top speed.

    The Astrolab will be available for purchase in January 2008, and one will set you back 92,000 euros, which is slightly more than US$117,000.