Sigma SD14 DSLR offers “lots more resolution and color clarity”


    Granted, a gargantuan Hasselblad this is not, but that’s not to say that you should be dismissing it without giving it a chance. In fact, the Sigma SD14 has something that most digital SLRs on the market don’t have, and that’s the Foveon x3 imaging sensor. It provides a “unique way of separating the three primary colors, bringing with it lots more resolution and color clarity.”

    It’ll capture images at 14.1 megapixels (well above the par for the day), show them back to you on its 3.5-inch LCD, and ensure they come out fantastic thanks to the five-point autofocusing system. Another nifty feature is the high-speed continuous shooting mode good for 3 frames per second.

    Sigma unveiled the SD14 at Photokina 2006, but they made no mention of the price. That said, most industry pundits have it around the $1000 mark for the body alone, right in line with the Nikon D80s and Canon Digital Rebel XTi’s of the world.