Cobra NAV ONE 2500: customizable plug-and-go


    Cobra has introduced a new plug-and-go product, the NAV ONE 2500. It’s ostensibly for your car, but it can get you lots of places on foot as well.

    Perhaps the most striking features is My Favorite Brands, a one-touch option that lets you store up to 600 brands of restaurant, coffee shop, or other kind of retail establishment. That’s a whole lot of brands, and the adaptability extends nationwide.

    The NAV ONE 2500 has the by-now familiar suite of real-time functionality, including 2D and 3D mapping and minute-by-minute traffic reports, including alternative route suggestions and estimated times of arrival.

    Cobra wants us to know that this new device can withstand temperatures all the way from minus 4 to 158—not that we would need that kind of functionality, of course.

    The NAV ONE 2500 even has a speed warning system, with a maximum speed that we the drivers can set (not that we would speed, of course).

    Suggested price for this one is US$499, with the real-time functions being a US$99.95 add-on.