A Mercedes with an iMac G5 in the back seat

A Mercedes with an iMac G5 in the back seat


When is a portable computer not a laptop? When it’s a desktop in your car.

A German entrepreneur has constructed a Mercedes CLS vehicle with an integrated iMac in the backseat. No matter how hard you look at the photo, you won’t find any cables. Both the mouse and the Bluetooth are wireless and store out of sight when you’re not using them.

One thing you might not be able to tell from looking at that photo is that the computer itself is covered in leather that matches the interior of the car. The result is something that looks like it belongs there. You the driver won’t be able to use it, but your backseat passengers can have access to a rather large desktop computer (with a 17-inch monitor) and all of the functionality found therein. It in this case is a G5, one of Apple’s newest computers.

The man who created this vehicle is Mattes Interieurtechnik, a German businessman who specializes in customizing vehicles.