Wool gloves warm your hands via USB


    Those of you living in more northern climates might appreciate this one: a pair of gloves that warms your hands via USB.

    It’s the USB G-Gloves from Brando. Just put them on, plug in to your nearby USB port, and your hands will get warmer, up to 10 degrees in just five minutes.

    The “G” is for girls, and the colors are definitely girl-friendly, although we suppose that males could find a use for them as well. They’re made of wool, for optimal sustained heating. Each glove has a built-in warming pad.

    As you can see from the photo, the fingertips are open, so you can type, click on the mouse, or play your favorite PSP or Xbox games easily.

    The USB G-Gloves come in blue or pink. Price is US$22 here.