Olympus DM-20 puts 45 hours of voice recording in your hand


    Many MP3 players these days come with built-in voice recording capabilities, but the typical result will keep audiophiles crying. If you’re looking for a standalone voice recorder, then the new Olympus DM-20 may be right up your alley with a reported 45 hours of recording time. Of course, that’s just for standard voice notes, recording lectures, and things like that. If you need CD-quality music, the DM-20 is only good for about two hours (it doubles as an MP3/WMA player).

    One interesting feature is if you pair the DM-20 with an Olympus AS-3000 (and get yourself a two-channel microphone), you can play audio from two microphones independently. They’re calling this the “ultimate transcription solution.” The MSRP for the DM-20 is set at US$290.