Nokia unleashes army of music-centric accessories

Nokia unleashes army of music-centric accessories


The world’s largest cell phone maker is keeping pretty busy these days, and today we turn our attention to an onslaught of new accessories, most of which are designed with music listening in mind. They’ve got plenty of stuff to announce, so let’s not waste any time.

The HS-62 (covered earlier today) is a set of “advanced music headphones” that are full-size but can be folded away when not in use; the HS-81 stereo headset was developed in partnership with Sennheiser, so you know the hi-fi tunes coming out are top notch; the MD-4 mini speakers weigh just 130 grams, sport a unique V-shaped design, and let you share your music with those around you; and the MD-3 music speakers are “small and easy to carry”, providing “excellent bass and sound”.

Nokia also announced a trio of Bluetooth headsets — the BH-801, BH-302, and BH-207 — all of which provide at least 140 hours of standby.