Nokia issues SMS accelerator patch

Nokia issues SMS accelerator patch


In the era of instant communication, we assume that email messages and SMS messages and FAX transmissions will travel at the speed of light. As we all know, this is not always the case. But 10 minutes? That’s a long time for any so-called modern communique to travel from one virtual terminal to another. Yet that is exactly what has been happening on three popular models of Nokia phones.

Nokia has responded to customer complaints about slow SMS speeds by issuing a patch called the Accelerator. The bug fix allows SMS messages to be sent in real time, as they were intended to be.

Some Nokia customers reported that their E61, N73s, and N80s were taking up to 10 minutes to send an SMS, with a system freeze along the way. If you have one of these phones, you might have been suffering in this way. Log on to the Nokia website to download the patch. If you have an E61, N73, or N80 and you haven’t had this problem yet, better safe than sorry.