MyGIG in-dash AV player a $1700 option


    Chrysler is making a serious bid at integrating digital music with your dashboard components. In comes the MyGIG, an audio and video playing device that supports all makes and models of portable players.

    Sure, you can hook up that iPod. But you can also connect your Sansa or Zune or whatever other kind of player you have to the MyGIG, which approximates a hard drive in your dash. You can install mundane data like pictures and contact info, but you can also upload audio and video files to the built-in optical drive. MyGIG even allows hookup of PSP3 and Wii systems.

    Bluetooth is included, along with an option U-Connect headset. And since this is an auto-based system, it has maps and real-time traffic updates, to keep you current with what’s on the road in front of you.

    MyGIG will appear first in Chrysler Sebring models in early 2007, with Jeep Wranglers and Dodge Nitros to follow. It’s a US$1,700 option.