Honda shows off next-gen fuel cell vehicle

Honda shows off next-gen fuel cell vehicle


Honda has a next-generation fuel cell and a vehicle to prove it. The venerable Japanese automaker showed off its FCX Concept in a demonstration drive in Tokyo during the weekend.

The V Flow1 fuel cell system has a compact stack that boasts high efficiency in a compact, high-draining vertical-flow design.

The FCX Concept has one of those controversial lithium ion batteries, although none of those of the auto variety have been known to explode yet. Just about every statistic is said to exceed that of its predecessor.

Keeping with the focus on green, the automaker has fashioned the vehicle’s seat upholstery and door linings out of the plant-based Bio Fabric material, which is especially resistant to damage by sunlight.

You will begin to see this vehicle in general release in 2008, Honda says.