Citroen C4 Picasso is a clean-smelling, well-lit car

Citroen C4 Picasso is a clean-smelling, well-lit car


So maybe by now you’ve heard of the C4 Picasso, the hot new item from Citroen. The automaker swears you’ll like the way it smells.

It’s a seven-seat hatchback, with folding seats, and it has a host of exciting new features. Large side windows and a large sunroof combine to let lots of light in. At night, more than 30 different light sources make sure your driving experience isn’t in the dark.

What is perhaps most remarkable, however, is the air quality sensor. The system continually monitors the air quality outside the vehicle, closing the air intake flap if pollution is detected and activating the air recycling function. Inside, an integrated air freshener can waft a variety of subtle scents throughout the cabin. You can choose the scene and its intensity.

The parking brake is self-activated, locking itself into place when the engine shuts off and releasing itself when enough pressure is applied to the accelerator. Another parking-related feature is the parking space measurement system, which helps you parallel park via ultrasonic sensors.

The C4 Picasso will go on sale next month, after its debut at the Paris Motor Show.