Best Buy offers two UMDs for the price of one


    While it may seem that the DS Lite is burying the PSP when it comes to portable gaming (please, Sony fanboys, take it easy on me), no one doubts that the latter is a much more powerful multimedia machine than the former. I would be perfectly content watching vids off of a Memory Stick, but for those of you who are still interested in UMD movies (are there any of you still out there?), Best Buy has got a deal for you: 2-for-1 movies.

    There are more than 20 films to choose from, including such popular flicks as Hellboy and Black Hawk Down. Naturally, you have to pay for the more expensive UMD of the two, and they will charge you shipping for the free item. Still, it’s not too bad a deal. Check out the Best Buy site for more details.